bNavigo - partner of entrepreneurs from Idea to Venture

partner of entrepreneurs

bNavigo is not a consultancy firm...

... but is in fact a real partnership. We want to join start-ups on their quest to success and effectively join their team.

We can complement your team to fill competence and knowledge gaps on domains such as strategy, legal issues, marketing & sales, R&D, IT, operations, vendor management and finance. bNavigo team members have proven competencies in these domains and can help to overcome most of the business issues entrepreneurs are faced with.

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bNavigo can help...

... in all phases of Business startup.

In a step-by-step approach we investigate whether your venture fits us and whether bNavigo might be of added-value to you.

If a win/win is found, a "no cure, no pay" mechanism is set-up to ensure a low-risk situation for you as an entrepreneur which creates a feeling of co-ownership between bNavigo and your venture.

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